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Lynn is a tribal descendent of the Karuk Tribe of California.  She is also a descendent of the Hupa Tribes but is a registered tribal descendent of only the Karuk Tribe due to Federal restrictions that only allow Native Americans to register in one tribe.  For more information on the Karuk Tribe of California contact:
Karuk Tribe of California
PO Box 1016
Happy Camp, CA 96039
530 493-1600

Blessing for 2005 Peace Memorial

My Blessing...

My mother is Swedish, my father Native American.

I am a Karuk tribal descendant.

Our traditional tribal lands are on the upper Klamath River.

My lineage includes the people of the Hupa and Yurok Nations.

My grandfather was raised in the orphanage at Hupa.

My grandmother, Olive, is the voice “calling me” to my people.

My great grandmother, Lucinda Ellen Foote, is the child of Elisabeth Shinar.

My people are the Karuks... my family the Shinars.

Creator... Grandmother... Great Spirit...

For five hundred years we have longed for home.

For five hundred years we have longed for freedom.

For five hundred years we have longed for healing.

This is the time of the sacred seventh generation.

This is the time of listening to our ancestors’ wisdom.

It is the time to realize that all that is... is sacred.

I come home to me.

I come home to my true nature.

I come home to my people.

I come home to my oneness with all.

I surround myself with the sacred.

I will walk no other path.

Grandmother hear me... Grandmother heal me.... Grandmother grant me peace.

Grandmother... I honor you.  Ho.


March 19, 2005 Blessing for "Peace Memorial"


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