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The Round House on the Pond
Lynn has lived at the Round House on the Pond on Park Marina Drive since September 2001.   The house was constructed in 1971 by Bob Spaid and, despite local rumors, has always been used as a private residence.
Frequent residents of the pond include the otters, Canada geese, beaver, a variety of fish, turtles and foul.  Occasionally a white swan visits as well.

Enjoy Magazine of Redding. October 2008, featured an article on The Round House.  Information on the original concept and design is highlighted as well as photos.

Enjoy Magazine Article on their website.



The resident "watch dog" has lived on site since his birth in 2001.  Merlynn frequented the land parcel adjacent to the bridge, the bridge itself and the island.  "Beware of Dog" signs are posted on the island.  August 22, 2009 Merlynn died after a brief illness.  His presence and his ashes remain on the property.

Blue Agave plant on the outside of the fence reached full maturity in 2008 as exhibited by the growth of the center "sprout."  The natural course of maturity also includes the "sprout" falling which causes the uprooting of the plant.

A bee hive was also discovered on the property in 2008.  The hive was removed to relocate the queen. 

Blue Agave July 2008
Base of Blue Agave
Exotic Bee Hive May 2008


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